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Business Services

We want you to be able to fully focus on your work here at the First Choice Business Center. Because it’s only when you can concentrate on the essential things that your head’s in the right place to lead your business to success. That’s why you receive not just a prestigious and well-equipped workplace but also benefit from our Business Services. This means: We support you in most organisational and administrative tasks or can even take these on completely for you!

Our Business Services signify one thing above all others for you: working productively in an inspirational and positive environment. We offer you top-notch Offices and Coworking Spaces in a prestigious location and with all of the conveniences that you need to work successfully.

An Overview of Our Business Services:

Ablage und Archiv

Storage and Archiving
Even in this digital age there are still all sorts of important paper-based documents. So that you don’t have to fight through a maze of file folders or lose your desk under piles of paperwork, we offer you a range of options for storage and archiving. Simply get in touch and we will offer you a personalised solution which suits your needs. This will allow you to get an overview of your work and bring order to your business.

Besorgungen aller Art

Assignments of Every Kind
Do you need to pick up your shirts from the dry cleaners? Do you have some important shopping you need to do? Maybe an important deadline is preventing you from getting a key that you need cut before the shop closes? Simply get in touch with our reception. We’re happy to look after minor tasks for you!


Meeting Rooms
As a tenant of the First Choice Business Center, you are able to book our modern, functional and well-equipped Meeting and Conference Rooms at exclusive terms. We offer you rooms in a variety of sizes and all fully equipped with presentation equipment. Just ask at the reception for an appointment. Even if you need special equipment or have catering requirements, we’re happy to arrange these for you!

Bestellung von Büromaterial

Ordering Office Supplies
Running out of pens or paper? Never enough paper-clips, Sellotape or Post-its? Could you do with a stapler or hole punch? Let us look after your office-supply needs for you! Together with our suppliers, we can guarantee you speedy delivery as well as offering very attractive prices.

Binden und Laminieren

Binding and Laminating
The pitch for a new project, company brochures or conference papers: We give your documents the final polish. We’re happy to bind and laminate your important documents for you. And we’re even able to offer the classic coil binding.


No matter whether it’s pastries, coffee and tea, a large-scale lunch or a fine buffet: we can offer you an outstanding catering service that provides you and your conference guests with everything you could want. Naturally we take into account special dietary requirements or culinary preferences.

Drucken, Scannen, Kopieren und Faxen

Printing, Scanning, Copying and Faxing
Black-and-white or in vivid colour: our printing service can have your documents back to you in no time flat. And scanning and copying are a breeze thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. And if you have an important document that you need sent but it’s not cost-effective to send it by post, you can use our fax service at any time.


Cash Point
You need cash for a business meal, to buy something at lunchtime or for the taxi after work? Not a problem! In our First Choice Business Center in the Ruhrturm building in Essen, you can find a cash point right on the 4th floor. At our location in Wiesbaden, you’re only 60m away from a Wiesbadener Volksbank cash point.

Grafik- und Tabellenerstellung

Creating Graphics and Tables
If you need assistance with PowerPoint, Excel or Photoshop, we’re there for you. We can create appealing graphics and present complex tables in a clear and comprehensible way for you.


High-speed Internet Flat Rate
All our offices and work spaces are equipped with high-speed Internet that you have the unlimited use of. So you can be online at all times and at top speed. That’s why the First Choice Business Center is such a perfect workplace for digital natives and Internet entrepreneurs.

Kaffee- und Teeflatrate

Coffee and Tea Flat Rate
A stimulating cup of coffee, or perhaps you prefer tea? In our well-equipped kitchenettes you can get them both, and there’s no limit.


Conference Preparation
We can help you with organisational details so that you can focus on the important details of your conferences and meetings. We support you in the planning and preparation so that you can put your best foot forward.


Client Reception
Are you expecting guests? We’re happy to welcome your clients and business partners in our prestigious foyer. We will greet your guests and inform you of their arrival. If you’re still busy, your visitors can make themselves comfortable on our couches in the reception area or in the business lounge.


Courier Service
Save yourself the hassle of sending by mail! We are happy to order a courier service for you who can deliver your letters in a reliable, flexible and secure way.


Modern work is based upon networks and exchanges. That’s why all the tenants at the First Choice Business Center have unrestricted 24-hour access to our comfortable and stylishly furnished Business Lounges. You can spend your breaks here relaxing, chatting with other tenants and making valuable contacts.

Paket- und Postannahme

Receiving Packages and Mail
Your letters, packages and registered letters are in safe hands with us. We receive your mail for you and keep it safe until you can collect it. We can bring also bring all letters and parcels to your work space, if you wish.


A small amount of paperwork very quickly turns into a big demand on your time. That’s why we’re happy to help shoulder this burden with you. Whether it’s a dictation or an expert report, the transcription of interviews or duplicates of other documents: we take care of your paperwork in a fast, flexible and reliable manner.

Serienbrieferstellung und -versand

Preparing and Dispatching Form Letters
Sending out form letters often sounds easier than it really is. To ensure that your form letters get sent off correctly and that no name is left off the list, we support you in the preparation and dispatch of form letters. We’re experts at this and are happy to take this load off your mind. Provide us with your document and your contact details and we’ll take care of the rest.


Security Service
Important work tools, sensitive documents and other valuable items require special protection. That’s why we here at First Choice Business Center take security so seriously. Our 24-hour security service provides a maximum level of security so that you don’t need to worry about your belongings.

Telefonannahme und -weiterleitung

Receiving and Forwarding Calls
If you’re not able to get into the office as planned or you don’t have the time to answer calls yourself, we’re happy to take this on for you. We take your calls in your company name, record all the information given and pass this onto you. We’re also happy to forward calls onto you.


Telephone Flat Rate
With us, you can talk all day within Germany and into the night as well if you have to – it won’t cost you a penny extra! The telephone flat rate is already included in your rent.


Are you active around the world and have international customers? In collaboration with a translation office, we can get your commercial documents translated quickly and easily. We work with professional translation agencies and can offer a translation service that encompasses practically any language you might need.

Zugang rund um die Uhr

Access Around the Clock
You prefer to work at night, you’ve left something in the office or you need to hold a conference call spanning several time zones? Your own key gives you access to the First Choice Business Center at any time of the day – 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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