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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our office solutions? Here you can find the answers to the most important questions about our offices, coworking spaces, Virtual Offices and Conference Rooms. If you have any further questions, please send us an E-mail.

General Questions

Ich möchte die Arbeitsflächen im First Choice Business Center vorab besichtigen. Geht das?

Question: I’d like to have a look around the workspaces in the First Choice Business Center beforehand. Is that possible?
Answer: Of course it’s possible to come and have a look around beforehand! All you need to do is book an appointment by phone on 0800 606 044 071 or by E-mail. In your query, please give us the details about your ideal office situation so that our consultants can contact you with a suitable deal. We’re happy for you to come by between 9:00 and 18:00 on a workday in order to look around our Locations.

Wie können Sie bei so vielen Kunden aus unterschiedlichen Branchen eine persönliche Betreuung sicherstellen?

Question: How can you guarantee personalised treatment when you have so many clients from different industries?
Answer: We have many years of experience in the planning and supervision of business parks and business centers. Our passion and highly specialised team enable us to offer the right office solution for every situation. Our identity as a service provider, our organisational experience, and our modern infrastructures: these form the foundation of our work and it’s why, in addition to the basic leasing of workspaces, we can also guarantee Business Services which can’t be matched.

Ist die Sicherheit meiner Daten in Ihrem Business Center gewährleistet?

Question: Is my data secure in your Business Center?
Answer: Our technical infrastructure naturally meets the current highest level of privacy protection. Secure servers, regular backups and firewalls protect your data from unauthorised access. Sensitive documents can also be locked away in the cabinets in your office. Our door-locking system also ensures that no other tenant has access to your workspace. Our reception staff take great care in ensuring that only authorised people are given access to the First Choice Business Center.

Mein Team arbeitet mit vernetzten Computern. Ist ein Netzwerk auch im First Choice Business Center möglich?

Question: My team works with networked computers. Is it possible to set up a network in the First Choice Business Center?
Answer: A network of several computers is possible! When ordering an Internet connection, we switch on as many ports as there are work stations in your leased workspace. These are then linked together, even in the case of several offices, if you have ordered the same Internet connection. You are welcome to set up a switch yourself (these are not put in by us) in order to increase the number of ports in the office and to link them. Offices can be linked by cables, although this requires one office port per connection. Depending on the situation, we recommend a small extra switch here. Our skilled technical team is happy to help you and offer support with the setup.

Questions about Office Rooms

Wie hoch ist die Miete für ein Büro? Was ist in der monatlichen Miete enthalten?

Question: How much does it cost to lease an office? And what do you get for the monthly rent?
Answer: The exact rental price depends on the size and location of the office, as well as on whether you want to lease a single, double or premium office. We’re happy to put together a personalised deal for you. Simply tell us what you need.The monthly rent includes a daily cleaning service, a flat rate for high-speed Internet and landline telephone, unlimited coffee and tea, the furniture, and all ancillary costs.

Was ist, wenn sich meine Ansprüche ändern und ich mehr Platz benötige?

Question: What happens if my requirements change and I suddenly need more space?
Answer: We’re happy to upgrade you at any time from a single to a double or premium office, or else arrange for additional offices. Simply get in touch so that we can put together a personalised deal for you.

Was sind die Vorteile eines Büros im First Choice Business Center gegenüber herkömmlichen Büros?

Question: What are the advantages of an office in the First Choice Business Center compared to traditional offices?
Answer: When you lease an office in the First Choice Business Center, you don’t pay any commission or any costs for the office facilities. The low level of investment and flexible contractual periods are particularly appealing to startups and new companies. In addition, we also provide numerous Business Services which can assist you with many tasks which you would have to deal with yourself in a traditional office. And our cooperative workspaces provide diverse possibilities when it comes to the exchange of views and expanding your business network.

Questions about Virtual Offices

Was ist ein Virtual Office?

Question: What is a Virtual Office?
Answer: A Virtual Office is an office without a physical presence. Instead of a room, you lease secretarial services and a prestigious address in a well-known location. Our staff takes calls for you in your company name and forwards them onto you. You can also use our conference rooms and day offices if you wish. In this way, you receive the benefits of a professional support team, ensure that you can be easily reached, yet you can still work from wherever you want.

Wie stelle ich meine Erreichbarkeit sicher, wenn ich gar nicht vor Ort bin?

Question: How can I ensure that I’m easily reached if I’m not on-site?
Answer: If you wish, you can receive a local telephone and fax number from us. You can either have your calls forwarded or we can take them. This means that your private number stays private, yet you can still be reached by callers. We can also receive your mail for you and forward it onto you.

Was ist, wenn ich meine Kunden und Partner vor Ort empfangen will?

Question: What happens if I want to receive my clients or partners at the office?
Answer: Naturally, we install your company nameplate in the foyer so that it’s easy for your guests to locate you. For your on-site appointments, you can either use our business lounges, or lease a meeting room or a day office. We’re happy to welcome your guests in a friendly and professional manner and provide coffee, tea and pastries for your meeting.

Questions about Coworking Spaces

Ich muss bei meiner Arbeit viel telefonieren. Ist das ein Problem im Coworking Space?

Question: I have to make a lot of calls for my work. Would that be a problem in the coworking space?
Answer: No, that’s not a problem. There are special telephone booths in the coworking spaces at our Business Centers. You can use these to make your calls in peace without anyone overhearing your conversation or being disturbed by it.

Kann ich mein Notebook und andere persönliche Gegenstände sicher verstauen?

Question: Is there a safe place for me to store my notebook computer and other personal possessions?
Answer: Every workspace in our coworking spaces has a lockable built-in cupboard. You can safely lock away all your important items in there. In addition, our reception staff take a great deal of care to ensure that no unauthorised persons have access to our facilities. And our property is of course monitored around the clock by a security firm.

Kann ich vom Coworking Space in ein Büro wechseln, wenn ich mehr Platz benötige?

Question: Can I change from a coworking space to an office if I find that I need more space?
Answer: If your team expands but you’d prefer to keep working alone in a room, or if for any reason you want an office, you can change your contract at any time and lease one of our Offices at a special price.

Questions about Conference Rooms

Kann ich auch einen Tagungsraum buchen, wenn ich kein Mieter des First Choice Business Centers bin?

Question: Am I able to lease a meeting room if I’m not a tenant at the First Choice Business Center?
Answer: Of course, our conference rooms are also available to non-tenants. Simply call us on 0800 606 044 071 or by E-mail to book an appointment. Don’t forget to tell us the size of room you need and we’ll put together a suitable deal for you.

Ich benötige eine Verpflegung während meiner Veranstaltung. Ist das bei Ihnen möglich?

Question: I need to provide food during my event. Can you help me with that?
Answer: We provide coffee, tea, juices and pastries for your conferences and meetings. We’re also happy to organise fresh and substantial catering options for you. Just get in touch!

Über welche technische Ausstattung verfügen Ihre Tagungsräume?

Question: What technical equipment comes in your conference rooms?
Answer: All our conference and meeting rooms are equipped with a projector, a flat-screen TV, LAN connections and a classic flipchart. You also receive access to the guest Wi-Fi. If you require additional equipment, just tell us. We’re happy to help however we can.

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