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We want you to enjoy the best conditions for achieving success for your company. That’s why we have branches in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia, the most economically vibrant regions in Germany. In our office complexes in Wiesbaden and Essen, we provide a fully equipped and ultramodern work environment. Aside from the economic significance of our locations, which gives you the opportunity to build strong networks, our extensive Business Services ensure that you can concentrate fully on your company.

Our Locations

Our Location in Essen

The First Choice Business Center in Essen is located right in the famous Ruhrturm building and it stands out thanks to its prestigious location and excellent transport links.

An important part of the Ruhr region, Essen is an economically important city with a long tradition. A former steel and coal centre, nowadays Essen’s economy is focussed on industries including energy, IT & communications and health. Even the commercial and service sectors have experienced strong growth in recent years, and enjoyed national and international successes.

So naturally we wanted to be a part of this fast-growing and innovative region. If you’re looking to achieve success in business, our branch in the heart of the Ruhr region is the ideal starting point for you. You don’t just receive an ultramodern and fully-equipped workspace, you also find yourself in the midst of major companies and internationally active SMEs. The numerous universities and research institutes also ensure that there’s lots of young talent around. Our offices and workspaces provide you with the perfect conditions for establishing your business idea and finding strong partners.

Our Location in Wiesbaden

The Business Center in Wiesbaden is located on Mainzer Strasse right by the State Court, the Federal Office of Statistics and the EBS University of Business and Law. Even the main railway station of Wiesbaden is mere moments away.

Wiesbaden is the second richest city in the state of Hesse, a situation that can be attributed to its strong economy. The service sector in particular is very well-established in Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hesse. The proximity to the aviation hub of Frankfurt am Main also ensures that the local economy has a strong international focus. And Wiesbaden is also the destination of countless daily commuters from the Rheingau-Taunus and Mainz-Bingen districts.

Wiesbaden’s fast-growing economy ensures that attractive office spaces will always be in demand. Our newly opened branch creates space for small teams and company branches, for freelancers and SMEs. At the heart of the state capital, our center ensures that even though you’re working right in the middle of the action, you’re still easy to reach and in a peaceful environment. Whether you’re a nationally active company that wants a local contact point, a regular business traveller who wants a flexible workspace or a founder who wants to set up their own startup: our offices and coworking spaces provide you with not just a place to work but the space to grow. You can develop your ideas here and make valuable contacts.


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  • First Choice Business Center Essen

    Huttropstraße 60
    45138 Essen

  • First Choice Business Center Wiesbaden

    Mainzer Straße 75
    65189 Wiesbaden


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