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Conventions, Conferences and Meetings in the First Choice Business Center

Planning a conference, a company event or a small meeting with your staff? You can easily lease a conference room in the First Choice Business Center that suits the type and size of your event. At our locations in Essen and Wiesbaden, there’s a wide range of conference rooms of different sizes.

If you want to lease a conference room from us, you can rely on the top-notch technical equipment. Each conference room has a projector, flat-screen TV, flipchart and LAN connection. If you require additional equipment, simply get in touch. We can find a personalised solution for your event.

We do everything to ensure that your event runs smoothly and successfully. But we don’t just take care of the necessary technical equipment, we also support you when it comes to organising the conferences and meetings. In addition to pastries and beverages for snacks, we are also happy to arrange the catering for you according to your requirements.

Meeting rooms at our locations

Our meeting rooms in Essen

In our high-quality premises in Essen, we have the space you need for your event. Whether a small meeting or a big conference: we can accommodate you. Find out now about the options!

Meeting rooms in Wiesbaden

Small - medium - large: no matter the size of your event, we have the right space for you. In our modern & exceptionally well-equipped rooms, your event will be a great success. Why not find out more now?


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  • First Choice Business Center Essen

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    45138 Essen

  • First Choice Business Center Wiesbaden

    Mainzer Straße 75
    65189 Wiesbaden


Lease Conference Rooms of Various Sizes

In the First Choice Business Center, there are conference rooms of various sizes that can be leased. The technical equipment is to the same high standards across all room sizes. The seating can also be flexibly arranged to suit the purpose of your event.

Our small meeting rooms are ideal for video and conference calls as well as team meetings. You can even lease one to hold a training course in. Thanks to the flexible seating, our small meeting rooms are suitable both for interviews as well as for workshops of all kinds. You can also lease larger conference rooms which are eminently suitable for conferences or company events.

Find out more about the individual room sizes of the Conference Rooms in Wiesbaden or Essen and contact us directly.

Lease a Conference Room and Gain Numerous Benefits

Prime Location

Our conference rooms in the First Choice Business Centers are in the perfect location. In both Essen and Wiesbaden, our locations are exceptional, with their excellent transport links and prestigious neighbourhoods. There are many hotels nearby where your conference guests can find accommodation.

Conference Preparation

We have many years of experience in organising conferences and meetings, and we’re happy to put our expertise at your disposal. We support you with the organisational and administrative details while you’re preparing your event. We’re also happy to help you with the printing, binding and laminating of your conference documents or with arranging a suitable catering service.

Technical Equipment

You’ll find all the technical equipment you need for your event in our conference rooms. There won’t be any missing cables, obscure connector parts or other stumbling blocks to a successful conference when we’re involved in the organising. And there’s also free Wi-Fi in all of the conference rooms, to which you have guest access.

After your event, or during the breaks, you can also use our comfortable business lounges where you can converse with your guests in a relaxed atmosphere or else make valuable contacts with the other tenants in our Business Center.

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