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Your modern work space in the First Choice Business Center

Looking for suitable offices for you or your team? Hoping for a prestigious central location that also features top-class and modern facilities? Then with the First Choice Business Center, you’ve come to the right place!

We can provide you with office spaces in the premium segment at fair terms and conditions in our Business Centers in Essen and Wiesbaden. Take advantage of the benefits of a central-city location which provides you with the peaceful and relaxed environment necessary for producing successful work.

Lease an Office and Take Advantage of Numerous Benefits

Lease an office now in the First Choice Business Center and you can take advantage of numerous benefits:

  • Plug’n’Play: Our offices are fully equipped and furnished, so you can get down to work immediately.
  • Prestigious location: The central locations in Essen and Wiesbaden offer a suitable work environment for your business as well as short travel times.
  • Brand-new spaces: The office spaces in Essen were completely renovated in 2014 and the First Choice Business Center in Wiesbaden only opened in 2107.
  • All-in-one: The leasing price includes a flat rate for telephone and high-speed Internet. And even a cleaning service is part of the package. You don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • On the lookout for growth: Is your business going well and you need more space? Not a problem. With us, you can upgrade at any time from a single to a double office or else lease additional offices.

Lease Your Office in the Business Center

Our Offices in Essen

The Essen center boasts a prime location in the heart of Essen, within the Ruhr Tower. Your work in the spacious 15m² offices at the center will be made as enjoyable as possible, thanks to excellent business services and our on-site staff. You can also make use of all the facilities of the Ruhr Tower, such as the adjoining hotel or the restaurant, which is perfect for your lunch breaks.

Our Offices in Wiesbaden

An unbeatable location: The First Choice Business Center Wiesbaden is right by the central station, with its outstanding services, modern premises and, most importantly, its high-quality offices, which you can rent in sizes of 10 - 15m². Our local staff will also offer you first-rate support in all matters.


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Location & directions

How to get to your First Choice Business Centers location:

  • First Choice Business Center Essen

    Huttropstraße 60
    45138 Essen

  • First Choice Business Center Wiesbaden

    Mainzer Straße 75
    65189 Wiesbaden


Lease Offices that Suit Your Needs

Our offices are perfectly suited to project managers, freelancers, founders, SMEs and small teams from company branches. Whether you work alone or in a team: we have the perfect office spaces for you.

Our single offices provide the ideal environment for focussed working. Our spacious double offices are suitable for teams. We can also provide you with prestigious premium officeswhich are well-suited to company directors. We are happy to lease several offices to you, thereby providing your whole team with an ultramodern workplace.

The minimum rental period for our offices is four weeks, which gives you maximum flexibility. You’d prefer to learn more about our service first, or you only need a work space for a short time while you’re travelling for business? Then you can easily lease our office spaces on a daily basis!

Office Rooms with Numerous Services

We know that many small tasks arise in the course of your working day which distract you from your actual work. That’s why we’re always there for you as a contact partner and a support team. When you lease an office from us, you receive not just a work space but you also get to take advantage of our numerous Business Services. From minor paperwork to procurements to conference preparation, we’re happy to look after any routine task so that you don’t have to. This gives you more time and energy so you can fully dedicate yourself to your core business.

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