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Modern Working in the State Capital of Hessen

Welcome to the First Choice Business Center – your new workplace in the heart of Wiesbaden! Do you want to lease an office in Wiesbaden that offers you both modern and top-quality facilities as well as a prestigious location with optimal transport links? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our offices in Wiesbaden have state-of-the-art equipment and were totally renovated in summer 2017. The top-class workspaces are all outfitted with everything that you need. Thanks to their large windows, our leasable offices in Wiesbaden are full of light and create a pleasant working environment that gives you free reign over your creativity and productivity.

In addition, our extensive Business Services ensure that you can work successfully without being disturbed. You take care of your company – we take care of the rest.

Lease Offices in Wiesbaden: Our Offer

Single Offices

Freelancers, founders and the self-employed find the perfect workplaces in our single offices. As the managing director of a small company, you can rent several offices from us and keep the single office for yourself. This allows your staff to work undisturbed when you welcome business partners and clients.

Our single offices are equipped with top-quality furnishings, in a quiet location and in different sizes. If you happen to need more space at a later date, you can easily book extra offices. Our offices in Wiesbaden can also be leased on a daily basis.

Double Offices

Our double offices are ideal for when you want to collaborate with a partner or need the right space for several staff members. If your company has two founders, you can both work together here with as much success as in companies with dual leadership.

Thanks to the modern facilities, you can get to work immediately. And as a tenant at First Choice Business Center, you can of course take advantage of our extensive business services at any time.

Premium Offices

As a managing director, you don’t just have organisational and administrative responsibilities. You also represent the face of your company. With our premium offices, you can find the right workspace that exactly reflects you and your company.

The generously appointed working rooms feature top-quality facilities including a seating area where you can receive guests in appropriate style. Our premium offices are available as single and double offices so that these are also suitable for companies with dual leadership.

Offices in Wiesbaden: The Benefits On Offer

If you want to lease an office in Wiesbaden, at First Choice Business Center you’ve come to the right place. You can take advantage of numerous benefits:


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Location and Directions

Here’s how to find the First Choice Business Center in Wiesbaden:

  • First Choice Business Center Wiesbaden

    Mainzer Straße 75
    65189 Wiesbaden


Lease an Office in Wiesbaden and Find Commercial Success

To give you the best chance of commercial success, we’re here to give you a helping hand. Our Business Services make your workday as easy as possible. We take care of your mail service, take on organisational tasks for you and offer you support when preparing for conferences, congresses and meetings. In a nutshell, we take on all of the inconvenient small tasks that keep you away from your core business. This means that you can concentrate fully on your company and focus your energy more productively.

Offices in Wiesbaden: Location, Location, Location

The First Choice Business Center in Wiesbaden is in a prestigious location close to the Wiesbaden main railway station. The mail traffic links toward Mainz are also within easy reach. This means that when your clients come to you, they don’t have to deal with long travel times and can reach your new workplace quickly and easily.

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