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What Exactly is a Virtual Office in Wiesbaden?

If you’re a freelancer or self-employed and work from home, you certainly don’t want to have to use your home address for your business correspondence. Or maybe you work from several different locations but you wish you had a central and prestigious business address in Wiesbaden. In that case, a Virtual Office in Wiesbaden is the perfect solution for you!

Wiesbaden is one of the most economically vibrant cities in Germany. A business address in Wiesbaden is therefore particularly appealing to anyone who’s looking for commercial success. A well-known address right near the Federal Office of Statistics, the Wiesbaden State Court and the Hessian Ministry for the Environment will raise you in the esteem of business partners and (new) clients. At the same time, you’ll continue to enjoy the freedom of being a digital nomad and working wherever you want.

Along with a Virtual Office in Wiesbaden, you receive a prestigious address for your company, a decisive competitive advantage in any industry. But this way you’ll also save the cost of office space that you don’t really need. We’re happy to present you with an non-binding offer for a Virtual Office in Wiesbaden!

Virtual Office in Wiesbaden: Our Rates

You can select from our three service models for your Virtual Office in Wiesbaden and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Flex Business Basic

From €79 per month, you receive a prestigious business address in a prime location in Wiesbaden. We install your company nameplate in the reception area and forward your letters to you on a weekly basis (includes 10 letters). You also receive a 10% discount when you use our Meeting Rooms, and we can also personally welcome your guests in a fitting manner.

Flex Business Plus

From €109 per month, you benefit not just from having a prestigious company address with mail forwarding, but also from an exclusive discount if you need to use the conference rooms. You also receive a local telephone and fax number with call forwarding. Having a Wiesbaden area code makes it easy for your clients to reach you, and you don’t have to give out your private phone number for business communications.

Flex Business Professional

Take advantage of all the usual benefits and the convenience of a Virtual Office in Wiesbaden. Alongside the service mentioned above, this package offers a special service, especially for startups and founders, for €179 per month. We oversee your entry in the commercial register by taking on the necessary formalities as well as the associated paperwork. Additionally, we forward your mail to you daily.

Virtual Office in Wiesbaden: The Benefits


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